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Finding God’s Will: part 2

How do you discern God’s will?

I’ve often asked this question in counseling sessions. I usually get one of two responses, sometimes both:

  1. “I wait to see which doors open and which ones close”, or
  2. “I wait until I have a peace about it”

When I get one of these answers, here’s what I know: This person is not hearing the […]

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Finding God’s Will: part 1

In the 1990’s, there was a huge emphasis on journaling where I lived in New England. It wasn’t that this was a new thing. It was simply in vogue at the time. The men’s group I was part of insisted that I begin journaling. This is what everyone was doing, so I had to do it […]

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Finding God’s Will: part 3

In parts 1 and 2, I shared the two most common go-to methods for discerning God’s will:

  1. “I wait to see which doors open and which ones close”, or
  2. “I wait until I have a peace about it”

I also discussed how frequently I’ve been wrong about discerning the will of God. I explained that the primary reason for this […]

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This is the perfect opportunity to get this dynamic, emphatically biblical 6-DVD + Workbook curriculum for yourself, for someone you love, or perhaps to start a ministry in your church or elsewhere.

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Thanksgiving 2014

This has been a tough year. There have been challenges and struggles of all kinds. Things like betrayal by those we trusted, abandonment by those we counted on, rejection by those we depended on, can lead to feelings of resentment, worthlessness, loneliness, and hopelessness. So today is arguably the best day to reflect on the subject […]

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