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Understanding Aurora

If I heard it once, I heard it ten times: “It is impossible to understand what happened in Aurora.”

Like most in America, I was deeply impacted by the horror of Friday morning’s brutal attack on innocent people at the movie theater in Colorado, especially the massacre of young children. But I also was appalled at […]

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Your spiritual growth is not related to your individual relationship with God

Don’t misunderstand me. I know that apart from Him, we can do nothing of lasting significance (John 15:5). But the question here is, “How does spiritual growth occur?”. A related question is, “Is it possible to experience spiritual growth individually, i.e., can I grow spiritually through my individual Bible study, prayer, worship, etc.?”.

“As contrasted to […]

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What sin did in the garden

Inst_in_redeem_hands1-200x198Sin altered every thought, desire, word, and deed. It created a world of double-mindedness and mixed motives, self-worship and self-absorption. People desired to be served, but they hated serving. They craved control and nurtured delusions of self-sufficiency. They forgot their Creator, but worshipped his creation. Rather than loving people and using […]

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