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Addicted to Sex

In March 2008, Christianity Today published an article entitled, “Addicted to Sex” and featured the story on its cover. While they are to be praised for reporting on this grave and pervasive issue, and while the article did not fail to reference some biblical perspectives on sexual addiction, I have several serious concerns with the article.

By | May 20th, 2016|Addiction|4 Comments

Does Addiction Cause Sin or Does Sin Cause Addiction?

A friend on Facebook once posted that “Sin will lead to addiction, addiction will lead to sin”. Bishop Joseph Butler (1692-1752) once remarked that “Everything is itself and not something else”. I agree. So, sin is not addiction and addiction is not sin. They are two different things and cannot be the same. […]

By | May 13th, 2016|Addiction|1 Comment

Asking for Forgiveness vs. Confessing Sin: part 2

I get it. We ask for forgiveness because we feel guilty and ashamed, repentant and undeserving. But if we have to ask for forgiveness of sin, it means that the substitutionary, atoning sacrifice of Jesus on the cross was insufficient. We still have to ask for forgiveness. Something is wrong with this picture.


By | May 5th, 2016|Spiritual Growth, Devotional, Theology|0 Comments

Finding God’s Will: part 2

How do you discern God’s will?

I’ve often asked this question in counseling sessions. I usually get one of two responses, sometimes both:

  1. “I wait to see which doors open and which ones close”, or
  2. “I wait until I have a peace about it”

When I get one of these answers, here’s what I know: This person is not hearing the […]

By | April 26th, 2016|Devotional|2 Comments