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Tony Evans on Addiction

//Tony Evans on Addiction

Tony Evans on Addiction

Dr. Tony Evans is one of my favorite preachers in the whole, wide world. Why? Because not only is he smart (Th.D., Dallas Theological Seminary), but he is emphatically biblical.

In this sermon, he does a good job of describing one of the components of addictions by unpacking 2 Cor. 10:3-5, a critical passage relating to The Thought Life (see Session 3, The Thought Life, of The Breaking the Chains Seminar).

Notice how he exposes some of the fallacious claims made by disease theorists and demonstrates how addictions are really strongholds, spiritual in nature.

Here’s one key excerpt:

What you must destroy is not the thing itself [addiction] . . . . What you must destroy are speculations, knowledge, and thoughts. In other words, the problem is not in the habit, the problem is in the mind. The habit is the expression of the thinking. To fix the habit, you’ve got to fix the thought.

Thanks, Tony, for helping to set the record straight.

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