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Understanding Aurora: Part 2

//Understanding Aurora: Part 2

Understanding Aurora: Part 2

In my last blog on the tragedy in Aurora, CO, I mentioned that I “was appalled at the lack of understanding by broadcasters of the event, officials at the scene,

[and] television and radio talk show commentators. . . .”

Well, it turns out that there was at least one substantive broadcast that dealt with this shocking story from a theological perspective. It is entitled, Where is God during tragedy?, and was broadcast by Fox News, apparently on July 20th.

The interview features well-known speaker, writer, and Christian apologist Dr. Alex McFarland, and the not-so-well-known Lino Rulli, host of the SiriusXM radio program, The Catholic Guy.

You can still view that broadcast by clicking here (for as long as Fox News decides it should remain). It’s the first 9 minutes that are devoted to the subject of Aurora and how it relates to the role of God in tragedy, why He permits evil if He is loving and sovereign, and the problem of pain.

Have a look. I think it’s good food for thought, especially for those whose faith is shaken by horrific events such as that at Aurora.

I am indebted to Dr. Bill Schell of Steele Creek Church of Charlotte for bringing this to my attention.

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